Have you ever wondered that traditional disinfection methods have been used for centuries – but are they good enough? The truth is that even the most rigorous cleaning with hot water, bleach, and disinfectants can miss harmful germs and bacteria.

Nowadays the most popular way of disinfecting surfaces is by UV disinfection wand but the question arises how successful and efficient it really is? Did you know that UVC light sanitizer uses ultraviolet technology to kill all

UV-LED Disinfection, UV-LED Disinfection Device

Following are the benefits of UV-LED Disinfection-

  1. UV Light Disinfection is Non- Hazardous

After using chemical sanitizers and chemical disinfectants on a regular basis for more than a year now, do your hands feel rough, and have your mobile phones suffered so much that they are working no more? Well, UV LED disinfection is the answer to all your problems. They not only disinfect the surfaces within seconds but are also non-toxic and hence environment friendly.

While human beings can be harmed by excessive UV exposure, a UV disinfection wand with proper protective features like Acuva Solarix having double-click activation, a safety switch, and an automatic switch-off after 3 minutes makes it a safe and non-hazardous disinfection method.

  1. UV Light Disinfection is an Extremely Effective Form of Disinfection

It is proven that disinfection by UVC light sanitizer reduces the number of viruses, germs, and bacteria on surfaces directly or indirectly exposed to UVC to a very low number than the chemical methods and hence is far more effective than other methods.

  1. Time Efficient

Disinfection with UV LEDs cuts your time down by half as it disinfects in under 10 seconds only. No point in wasting time by scrubbing the surfaces with chemicals.

  1. Easy To Use

All it takes for UV disinfection is to wave the handheld sanitizing wand over the surface and in under 10 seconds your surface is free of viruses, germs, and bacteria. UV has the most simple application as compared to other disinfecting services.

Acuva Solarix is one of the best surface sanitizers in India. It helps in surface sanitization within seconds and gives proven 99.97% protection against Covid-19! 

Trust in the science of UV-LED to protect yourself and others during these unprecedented times.