As health took precedence for us this year, so did our gifting ways. From a hamper of immunity-boosting beverages or fitness-tracking gadgets, corporates too made sure that their employees’ health and wellness became a priority for them.

It has now become more important than ever to become appreciative of others’ work and celebrate them with corporate gifts that make their life easier and provide them the necessary safety.

Corporate gift for employees always helps in strengthening the relationship with them and boost their morale that leads to several long-term benefits such as high productivity whereas corporate gifts for partners shows gratitude for working with them and create a strong sense of connection between the giver and the receiver.

Acuva Solarix understands your gifting needs and provides you with the ultimate corporate gifting solution. It is the world’s best UV-LED surface disinfection device and disinfects up to 99.97% of Covid-19 in under 10 seconds. It is compact and foldable that making the device easy to carry. The portability of the device allows it to use it on any sort of surface at any time.

This UV-C disinfection wand features a blue visual map that shows the area of disinfection which makes it easier for surface sanitization. UVC disinfection uses short-wavelength (250–280 nm) radiation to inactivate microorganisms by destroying the nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. It promotes sustainability as it is chemical-free that reduces any impact on the environment.

So not crockery or clothes…the greatest gift is the gift of good health. The usability of Solarix makes it perfect for corporate gifts for clients and corporate gifts for employees.