Since the pandemic happened, UV sanitizing wand for disinfection has become the go-to device all around the world, since there’s been a constant need to disinfect each and every item around us on a daily basis.

Why should you sanitize your mobile phone and other tech devices?

According to a report by research firm scout, the average cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times per day. And that’s just the typical user; according to the survey, extreme cell phone users (those in the top 10%) touch their phones almost 5,400 times every day.

“Our tech devices don’t take a shower every day,” explains Michael Schmidt, Ph.D., a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina’s department of microbiology and immunology. “We shower to get rid of the microorganisms that live on our skin.” Plastic and glass are the only things microorganisms prefer over human skin, he noted.

In other terms, viruses and germs are drawn to your smartphone, earphones, tablet, and other items you probably use on a daily basis.

Between touching your phone, your face, and surfaces including countertops, keyboards, and more, spreading germs is likely and a UV sanitizer wand is a device that helps us fight exactly this kind of problem.

Depending on the surface material and ambient conditions, some bacteria and viruses, such as coronavirus, can linger on surfaces for a few hours to several days or more. As a result, knowing how to clean your phone is equally as vital as knowing how to wash your hands properly.

Acuva Solarix, a handheld portable UV LED light wand sanitizer disinfects your mobile and another tech within 10 seconds. Unlike chemical sanitizers, UV Led Light used for disinfection does not harm the devices. Solarix, a UV sanitizing wand, is proven to disinfect 99.97% against viruses, bacteria, and germs.

UV light sterilizer in India like Acuva Solarix, which is Made in India but designed in Canada, is worthwhile to purchase because they are known to be effective and have been used for sanitary purposes prior to COVID.

Take extra precautions to protect your phones and other personal goods from viruses and microorganisms.

If numerous individuals are around your tech equipment during the day, such as in an office, these UV light sanitizers may truly shine. For more information about the visit-