Viral and dengue season is upon us. While Covid-19 is not entirely out of the equation and there’s always the threat of the third wave in India, the question arises- How can we keep ourselves safe in the midst of so many communicable diseases ever-present in the air?

At a time when COVID-19 is still a major public health problem- cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, taking precautionary methods while traveling in public transport, regularly washing hands and wearing a mask becomes mandatory and ignoring the habit of surface sanitization every now and then and not following social distancing wouldn’t be such a great idea!

UV technology in UVC disinfection wand has proven time and again the effectiveness and efficiency. Now is the need of the hour for school officials and employers to consider the infectious disease threat inside their premises comprehensively and to apply a multi-layered approach to mitigation and surface disinfection. You may not be able to control the cleanliness of public spaces, but you can take precautions to protect yourself from the effects of any exposure. Remember to pay special attention to ‘high touch’ surfaces at home or at work. Doorknobs, faucets, laptop/desktop keyboards, countertops, appliance handles and knobs, the steering wheel of your car, your phone- all these surfaces are highly touched and hence forms a great threat of passing on germs from one infected person to others. 

Acuva Solarix is the world’s best UV sanitizing wand device that sanitizes surfaces within 10 seconds and is proven to kill up to 99.97% of covid-19. It is foldable and easy to carry, engineered to protect the user from accidental UV exposure with a safety sliding switch and double press activation. It is a UV disinfection wand that is equipped with a blue visual map that displays an area of disinfection. By disinfecting through a UV light sanitizer, you can keep yourself safe from getting infected by touching high-risk surfaces in public.