Corporate Gifting 2021

This gifting season let a gift like a portable disinfection device be a part of the corporate gifting bucket 

Corporate Gifting 2021 – Let health be the theme 

The year 2020 was different in many ways. Ever since the work from home routine kicked in from April, following the outbreak of the pandemic, the workplace has been rendered somewhat redundant. The thrill and excitement of getting branded corporate gifts and corporate gift hampers during festivals like Diwali was palpably missing.

This year, however, there’s a definite optimism in the air and employees are hopeful of returning to their workplace in another few months from now. In all probability, corporate gifting 2021 for employees would be different from what it was previously. The pandemic has driven home the necessity to value hygiene over everything.

Companies would prefer to keep in tune with changing times by offering health gifts for employees. These days, health and hygiene continue to dominate the narrative of our lives and ensuring the health of your team is trendy corporate gifting idea 2021.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Receiving a gift is quite a transformative experience; it creates an instant connect with the giver, besides accentuating positive associations with a person or a brand. Companies and marketers have always believed that gifting can help secure better relationships with potential and existing clients.

When it comes to employees of a company, corporate gifting does them a power of good. It helps in retaining employees in addition to instilling a feeling of importance in them. It also leads to better productivity.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

By giving gifts to clients, a company sends out the message that it means business. For the company, the client is extremely important and the gift is a symbol of trust and reliability. The company also wants to convey the message to the client that their business will be highly valued in the future.

A good quality gift also matters a lot both for the clients and for the employees. One gets the feeling that you are of special importance to the company. The employees are filled with a sense of self-worth that bodes well for any company.

What are Good Corporate Gifts?

This year, in view of the pandemic, companies may not give Diwali gifts for employees containing sweets and chocolates.  It will be something else this time around.

The employees can look forward to being handed corporate gift boxes containing immunity boosting products.

Among health gifts, one can look forward to UV-LED Portable Disinfection Device which can be an ideal choice for a company this year. The Solarix manages to disinfect 99.9% in under 10 seconds.

Other corporate gift items that companies can give to their employees this year are DIY micro-green/ terrarium kits, immunity boosting products like herbal teas, honey, and not to mention planters and pots.

How do you Attract Corporate Clients?

Corporate gifts, one can say, is your passport to business promotion. If need be, spend as much money as possible on promotional items. But companies should bear in mind that corporate gifts should not be festival-specific. It tends to dilute the importance of corporate gifts. They need to rather set aside a separate budget to give out gifts regularly to their clients.

Giving gifts to customers regularly will make them remember your gesture and, in the process, would help your company establish its brand presence in the clients’ mind.  Make sure the budget you have set aside for gifts doesn’t impact your bottom line negatively.

What are the Rules for Gift Giving?

Whenever you plan to give out gifts to your clients, don’t make the mistake of presuming that your choice is similar to theirs. So, choose a gift which is to their liking. Making the client happy is the real success of a company.

Make sure you wrap the gift well and attach a well-written tag to the package. This attention to small details goes a long way in making the client feel important.