Importance of Corporate Gifting

Importance of Corporate Gifting

Gift giving is considered an expression of happiness and a way of acknowledging the importance of the person. Gifts are the glue that holds relationships together be it corporate world or family life. Gifts are given out during birthdays, marriages or on any other solemn occasions. The receiver of the gift feels important while appreciating the gesture of the giver. Likewise, corporate gifting is another unique way of enhancing personal connections between employees, clients and customers.

Why Corporate Gifting is Important?

Corporate gifts go to show that you care for the worth of your client. Gifting can help two parties gaining mutual trust when they decide to start a business relationship. Most of the time, gifting assumes special importance and relevance because of the special festivals and occasions.

We all know that gift giving in any relationship strengthens the bond and the same applies to the corporate world. Be it motivating the employees, gaining the trust of the new client, or showing your sincere appreciation for them, there is nothing better than corporate gifting.

Corporate Gifts for Employees

Employees are the backbone of any company, so it makes a lot of sense to make them feel important with gifts ranging from Diwali, Holi, birthdays, sales meet or awards like ‘employee of the month.’ They are invaluable to the success of your business.

Corporate gifts give the employer an opportunity to thank his employees and acknowledge his important role in the growth of the company.

Some of the corporate gifts for employees are executive planners and organizers, diaries and notebooks as combo gifts, sippers, bottles and flasks, wall clocks and wrist watches and desktop items and pen holders.

Diwali Gifts for Clients

One needs to be a little wise when choosing Diwali gift items for clients. The gift should symbolise the values of your company.

Some of the popular gift items you can give to your clients can be trendy electronic items like blue tooth portable speakers, headsets and USB drives.

Engraved pen sets can be another ideal Diwali gifts for your client. They are not very expensive but can make a lot of impression on your clients when you get a set of pens engraved with your brand logo and name.

Leather accessories are also useful gifts that can bring a smile on your client’s face. Corporate managers mostly do a lot of travelling and what better gift that a travel wallet that holds everything essential in a secure manner.

Branded Gifts for Festivals

Come festivals, and the corporate world is abuzz with activities like choosing the best gifts for their clients. These are rare occasions when the employer feels the need to reach out to his clients and thank him for his supportive role in the business venture.

These days companies give out branded gifts to their clients. These include chocolate boxes, dry fruit boxes, juices, sweet boxes and wrist watches among others. Choosing branded gifts creates a better impression on the clients and help in cementing business partnerships for the future.

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees

There are many attractive Diwali gifts for employees depending on the choice and selection by the employers. The employers have to keep in mind the current trends in gift giving and which are the gifts that are more in demand. The ones which are still very popular are Diwali Green Surprise, Diwali hamper, Diwali tray, black office bag, incense burners, lanterns, dry fruit box and resting Buddha among others.

These branded gifts are not too expensive but attractive and durable enough to bring a smile on the employees’ faces.

Memorable Corporate Gifts

Some of the memorable corporate gifts are cold and hot flask, silver or gold coins, crockery, home and electrical appliances. All this can be customised as to make an impression on the employees and clients.

Other memorable corporate gifts can be passport /visiting card holder. You can keep your credit/debit card in the holder.

The trend of giving beauty products as corporate gifts is also catching on fast. Beauty products which the employers give as gifts are cosmetics, face wash, body deodorant /spray.