Surface Disinfectant Spray 2021

Surface Disinfectant Spray

In these Covid times, if we really want to ensure your safety and well-being, then you must keep surface disinfectant spray at our disposal.

Let’s make the use of disinfectant spray a daily feature of our lives because the pandemic is long way from over. We need to be hygiene conscious in our fight against the Corona.

Given the bleak situation prevailing in the world in the wake of Corona, people won’t mind going the extra mile to ward off the infection by using numerous disinfectant sprays at home.

Some people, however, have doubts over the efficacy of surface sanitizer spray. They seem reluctant to understand its importance in our household.

Nowhere does scientists or doctors say that surface disinfectant spray is not safe. You need to be aware about its proper use in fighting germs and infections.

Is Surface Disinfectant Spray Safe?

Absolutely. But many are under the delusion that surface disinfectant spray can be harmful to the skin. So, they avoid buying them. The disinfectant spray is safe on surface.

Moreover, even if your skin accidentally comes in contact with the spray, you need not worry. It will never harm your skin.

Avoid using disinfectant spray on varnished surfaces, copper, brass, electrical devices and acrylic plastic.

What is Surface Disinfectant Spray?

Surface disinfectant spray acts as the real protector of your family. It kills a wide range of virus, bacteria, moulds and fungi. It exudes a fresh and beautiful smell.

Even before the pandemic struck the world, surface disinfectant spray was in use in household. The only difference is that now more and more people have started using the disinfectant spray to control the deadly infection caused by Covid-19.

Once you start using these surface sanitizer, you can always keep infection at arm’s length.

The surface disinfectant can also be used on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces around your home.

What is best Disinfectant Spray?

Always remember that a diluted disinfectant or sanitizer is not safe for your health. As per WHO recommendation, Sodium hypochlorite (bleach/chlorine) as an effective disinfectant which may be used at a concentration of 0.1% or 1,000ppm (1 part of 5% strength household bleach to 49 parts of water).

Then, for surface disinfection purposes, you can use alcohol at 70-90%.

You must keep in mind that one should always clean surfaces with water and soap first to remove dirt, followed by disinfection.

Cleaning should always begin from the cleanest area to the dirtiest area.

Where can we use Surface Disinfectant Spray?

Surface disinfectant spray helps in disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces which may contain germs that can be transmitted and increase the possibility of infection.

Those having children and senior citizens at home, must make sure that they regularly disinfect touched surfaces because both children and senior citizens are in the vulnerable category.

The pandemic may have made us a little fastidious when it comes to disinfecting surfaces at regular intervals, but desperate times need desperate measures.

The spray can also be used on tables, doorknobs, sofas and chairs, among others.

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